An Ad Big Enough For THE Big Game

When FlyBy Ads launched rooftop ads big enough to see from the airplane windows, they reached out to Circle Graphics to help them grab worldwide attention. These monumental visions would be seen from airplanes departing the Atlanta airport as a part of a campaign for the biggest game of the year.


60,000 Square Feet. Worldwide Attention. Iconic Brand.

FlyBy Ads needed a partner that could help find solutions for multiple challenges. They needed someone who could print to the quality standards for the iconic brand, Bud Light, and a partner that could find solutions to bring their big idea to life.  FlyBy Ads also had added challenges of needing to find a partner that was willing to work with them over the holiday season, and that could meet tight delivery dates. 


Attention Passengers

These challenges were tackled by bringing together several Circle Graphics divisions - Pre-Press, Production & Manufacturing, Customer Service, and Creative Services. Through this expertise, Circle Graphics was not only able to find a solution quickly for Fly By Ads, but also ensure Bud Light’s brand colors were exact. Due to the challenges created by the building, a heavy-duty mesh material was tested and chosen. In addition, the oversized mesh was packaged and delivered for easy onsite installation. Resulting in ads big enough to see from the friendly skies.